Jake Hanson | Sasquatch Photographer Series

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Name: Jake Hanson

Occupation: Marketing Specialist

Number of Sasquatch’s Photographed: 1 officially, 1 unofficially

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1. How did you get your start in photography?
I got hooked on film after spending most of high school in the darkroom, and eventually picked up a digital camera after college. When I worked in marketing for a local lifestyle brand, we partnered with a few musicians and I eventually started bringing my camera to their shows. The past five years have been a blur of shows and festivals, which the photos thankfully help me to remember.

2. What are some pro tips for those who want to try concert photography?
Shoot a lot. Get a decent low light lens or two, check out a variety of local venues – smaller ones first, since they’ll let you shoot without a photo pass. Share your shots with the bands and local music media to build up a network, and eventually you’ll find yourself applying to bigger shows on their behalf.

3. With so many acts to see, how do you decide which artists to photograph?
I shoot all the shows my free time can spare, especially for bands that put on raging live performances, local and visiting alike. For the most part, I find myself shooting rock shows and the occasional hip-hop set, both of which tend to offer lively performers and an amped up crowd.

4. Aside from your photo gear, what else is in your bag during a festival?
Not much… walking around with a bag full of heavy photo gear during a summer festival is bad enough, so I try to stick to water, small snacks, a phone charger and earplugs.

5. Some of your favorite acts you’ve photographed at Sasquatch / favorite Sasquatch memory?
I have three rolls of film from my first Sasquatch, and roughly 3000 digital photos from this past year, my first with a photo pass. Both sets offer awesome memories in their own way. Shooting LCD Sounsdsystem and Chance the Rapper this past year was a blast, but Vulfpeck provided my favorite performance of the festival.

6. Favorite thing about Sasquatch?
Sunset shows are the best. Hands down. Watching the gorge winds blowing smoke around the stage while the colors of the horizon get more and more intense with live music providing the rhythm... I grew up 30 minutes from the venue and took it for granted far too long. The Gorge is awe-inspiring.