Wristband Information

Visit registration.frontgatetickets.com/#/sasquatch to Register your wristband with the correct attendee name and information. Your wristband is your investment, so Register your wristband to avoid any issues.

  • When you’re ready to attend the festival, place the wristband on your RIGHT wrist.
  • Slide the clasp up to tighten the wristband so that it will not slide off your wrist. Lost wristbands will NOT be replaced!
  • At the festival gates, scan your wristband at the scanners where the TARGET is located and wait for security to wave you through the gate.
  • Don’t worry! If you have trouble scanning or registering your wristband, visit the GUEST SERVICES location next to the Venue Entrance Gate.
  • Treat your wristband like cash. Lost, stolen, tampered with, and/or confiscated wristbands will not be replaced.
  • Do not remove your wristband until after you have exited the festival for the final time and are ready to leave The Gorge Amphitheatre and Campgrounds


  • Wristband must remain on your RIGHT wrist at all times. Do not remove your wristband for any reason while attending Sasquatch!
  • Do not cut, stretch, twist, tear, tape, glue, modify or deface the wristband in any way, shape or form. Any wristband that has been altered will be confiscated and will not be replaced.

Click here to register your Wristband Now

1) Locate your wristband’s Registration Code(refer to image below), 2) click on the link above 3) Register your wristband!



IMPORTANT: Do NOT put on your wristband until the first day of the festival! Once you put it on, you won’t be able to remove it, as it locks instantly!

Watch the following video for instructions:

Wristband F.A.Q.


If you have received your wristband in the mail and are in need of immediate assistance, please contact Ticketmaster Customer Service or call 1-800-653-8000.

For other general wristband questions, please email: Info@frontgatetickets.com