E-Commerce Development


Since 2015, I've been working with Shopify almost exclusively at Helium. We do many things related to Shopify (app development, etc) Buy I have been the leader on our client projects side, which means making custom sites built on Shopify, taking care of various store issues and problems, as well as building full themes.

Language / Package / Framework Proficiencies

Front-End Development

Sass, Haml, JS

What started out as a hobby, photography has become a genuine interest and skill. I have a particular affinity for photographing cars, since that is my obvious passion. I've also done the content work for quite a few sites, including custom photoshoots. Check out the samples below or visit my projects and filter by photography.

Language / Package / Framework Proficiencies


Along with doing custom front-end and back-end development, I've also had the unique opportunity to design the layout, UX, and style for many projects. Obviously I'm standing on the shoulders of the giants at BKWLD, but over the years my sensibilities and design skills have increased by being in the same room with them. For examples of site's that I've fully designed, see the samples below, or head to my projects and filter by 'Design'

Back-End Development

Laravel, PHP, Linux Admin

For years, I've been building sites using a custom proprietary CMS that I've contributed to for use at BKWLD. It's built upon Laravel, which is now by far the most popular PHP framework in the world. Using this approach, I am able to build custom back-end models to fit the requirements of each project, while at the same time avoiding building each site from scratch. The result is a completely custom back-end in little-to-no time.

Deploying this backend requires root ssh access to a Linux server. Popular deployment options include Dreamhost, Linode, and Pagodabox.

Language / Package / Framework Proficiencies

Introducing: Partstash

A place for car enthusiasts to do business

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Launching 6/1/2020